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Places of interest


Carrières de La Lie - 71960 La Roche Vineuse

Carrières de La Lie

LA ROCHE VINEUSE, route des pérelles - « Lie Quarry » site
Today, a meticulous and long drawn- out archeological job enables us to recount partly how the gallo-romans, the merovingians and up to the twentieth century this limestone quarry was worked.
You will discover:
- Rock formation,
- Mining techniques, tools according to each period,
- Marks on the hew front,
- The rock’s destination (sarcophagus, construction,…)
And also
- A natural site (limestone lawn, wild orchids…)
- A leaved tree arboretum planted in 2007
Opening arrangements


Adults (groupe plus de 10 personnes)

  • Price: 3 €

Grottes d'Azé - 71260 Azé

Grottes d

The caves of Aze compose the longest arranged underground network of Burgundy. The prehistoric Cave is also the oldest habitat know in Burgundy : between 300 000 and 400 000 B.C. Worth seeing : Exceptional remnants of bears ans felines are found here. The underground river reveals the stroll of water and discloses a great geological diversity. The museum thanks to the richness of its collections, helps with the understanding of the classified site of Aze.

Grottes de Blanot - 71250 Blanot

Grottes de Blanot

The caves of Blanot open in the Gorge de la Mangette on the western slope of Mont St Romain, the highest point of the Clunisois.
Of very ancient formation (tertiary end), the cave grows in the limestones of Bajociens (Jurassic), in a tormented zone made of short limestone panels intersected by important faults. This strip of limestone comes up against the micro-granites of Mont st Romain.

Roman Art

La Chapelle des Moines - 71960 Berzé-la-Ville

La Chapelle des Moines

The Chapel of the Monks, a masterpiece of mural painting from the 12th century.
The chapel was built at the beginning of the 12th century at the initiative of the Abbot of Cluny Hugh de Semur, builder of Cluny III. It was part of a priory of which it is today the only vestige.
Discover the lower chapel which still retains many traces of a painted decor and the high chapel, famous for its exceptional wall paintings.



  • Price: 3.3 €


Château de Brancion - 71700 Martailly-les-Brancion

Château de Brancion

With its famous historical past, this 11th, 12th and 15th century Castle of the Dukes of Burgundy (and later the Kings of France) situated in the heart of Romanesque church and Macon vineyard country, between Cluny and Tournus, is the most important fortified site in Southern Burgundy.
Don’t miss the 12th century church, 16th century market place.
Hotspot wifi.


Adults (10 personnes minimum)

  • Price: 4.5 €

School groups (Groupes scolaires ou périscolaires, gratuité accompagnateurs)

  • Min.: 3 €
  • Max.: 6 €

Château de Corcelles - 69220 Corcelles en Beaujolais

Château de Corcelles

The Château de Corcelles has 92 hectares of vines in Beaujolais . The vineyard has a wide variety of soils on different appellations : Beaujolais, Beaujolais- Villages and Brouilly in Gamay, and Bourgogne Blanc in Chardonnay.
The Château de Corcelles is open to visitors. An audio-guide (to 12 people) or a guided tour will lead you around this magnificent site .
We can also suggest a customized tour.
Come and taste our wines in our boutique dedicated to that activity.
You will be warmly greeted in an authentic setting and will be able to share in our passion for wine with a person who really knows his subject.

Château de Pierreclos - 71960 Pierreclos

Château de Pierreclos

Between Cluny and the Rock of Solutré, 10 min from Mâcon: A fun and cultural visit brings you back to Middle Ages, from the vaulted cellars to the turrets of the tower.
Take a stroll on the terrace overlooking the vineyards, imagine the animation that reigned in the fifteenth century in the kitchen or the bakery, put yourself in the shoes of a prisoner in the prisons or a soldier in the room of weapons ...
Anecdotes and historical information are revealed over the course of a self-guided tour where fun and memorable activities are specially fitted out for children (booklet-games, handling of a real chain mail, sensory play ...).
You can also taste the wines of the estate and get to the souvenir shop.

Château de Vinzelles - 71680 Vinzelles

Château de Vinzelles

Château de Vinzelles – 1007-2007 : a millennium of history and traditions.

Treasury of the Southern Burgundy, the Château de Vinzelles dominates the valley of the Saône. Architectural ensemble rermarquable which will walk you through centuries. Strong house of the XIth, noble house of the XIII and XVIIth centuries, wine cellar of the XVIIth sheltering two magnificent presses " à grand point ".
It is to the Grand Argentier, Claude de Bullion, the superintendent of the finances of Louis XIII that we owe buildings of the XVIIth century. Implanted from the Gallo-Roman time, the vine grows up in perfect symbiosis with the soil and the old stones.

Opening to the public in July and August: f

Château Médiéval de Berzé - 71960 Berzé le Chatel

Château Médiéval de Berzé

Family property, built by the forefathers of the current owners to protect the abbey of Cluny, Berzé dominates a magnificent panorama the vineyards of the valley of Solutré. Construit du XI° au XV° siècle autour de sa chapelle carolingienne, il conserve tout son système défensif, treize tours dont deux donjons, son impressionnant châtelet d'entrée et ses salles médiévales. C'est ainsi la plus importante et la mieux conservée des forteresses de Bourgogne. Chacune des trois enceintes abrite de multiples jardins qui depuis 2011 sont récompensés par le label "jardins remarquables".: formal garden, orchards, kitchen gardens.


Centre Eden - 71190 Cuisery

Centre Eden

Le Centre EDEN, paradis de la NATURE !
Prenez le temps, en famille, de (re)découvrir les richesses naturelles de la région.
La visite est ludique et interactive : découvrez des espèces vivantes, déclenchez des animations, éveillez tous vos sens en vous immergeant au cœur des milieux naturels bourguignons.
Visitez le cabinet de curiosités où plus de 150 espèces et objets rares, insolites, précieux ou curieux vous attendent.
Les chauves-souris s’accrochent dans les cheveux ! les moustiques préfèrent les peaux sucrées ! ..…autant d’idées reçues qui ont souvent la vie dure ! Découvrez de manière ludique toutes ces fausses informations dans la nouvelle exposition temporaire 2020.
Dans le cadre des "Escapades natures", le centre Eden propose un programme de sorties riche et divertissant pour découvrir les milieux naturels, la faune et la flore. Des ateliers maison et des stages sont également proposés.


Groups (en visite libre)

  • Price: 4 €

Ecomusee de la Bresse - 71270 Pierre-de-Bresse

Ecomusee de la Bresse

Built in the 17th century by Claude de Thiard de Bissy on the site of an old seigniorial stronghold, the château de Pierre-de-Bresse and its park remained in the hands of family descendents until 1956. The château was then acquired by the Saone-et-Loire county council and since then all the buildings have undergone a serious refurbishment programme. The general public can now visit permanent exhibitions that evoke, illustrate and explain natural environments, history, aspects of traditional life and the present economic and social situations to be found in the Burgundy Bresse region. Other areas are reserved for audiovisual shows, temporary exhibitions, the documentary and research centre,

Ferme-musée de la Forêt - 01560 Courtes

Ferme-musée de la Forêt

Come and discover this authentic half-timbered Bressane farm from the end of the 16th century. A remarkable architecture on which watches a mysterious Saracen fireplace ...
Push the door of the "house", to see a traditional Bressan interior. During open or commented visits, live the tradition, tame the customs and admire the costumes and objects of yesteryear in a warm atmosphere around the fireplace. The farm then offers you the possibility of strolling in the attic and stables to meet various tools of agricultural fields and machines.
A real recovery in time.

Grand Site de France Solutré Pouilly Vergisson - 71960 Solutré-Pouilly

Grand Site de France Solutré Pouilly Vergisson

The Grand Site of France Solutré Pouilly Vergisson is a territory of 8 communes recognized for its exceptional heritage and landscape riches. The Solutré Rock, Vergisson Rock but also the Mont de Pouilly are its emblems. The Maison du Grand Site welcomes you all year to enjoy a moment out of time on the terrace and discover the riches of the place. The Museum of Prehistory immerses you in the past to meet our ancestors.
Open every day, closed from December 15th to January 15th and May 1st.

Hameau Duboeuf - 71570 Romanèche Thorins

Hameau Duboeuf

Hameau Duboeuf offers treasures of art and craftsmanship, dream and imagination. A unique collection of rare objects, displays and presentations, a wonderful journey through the trades of the vine and of wine, not forgetting a chance to sample the end product.
In the heart of the vines, discover the fragrances of the flowers, bark, fruits and spices that make up the rich aromas of wine in the Beaujolais garden. A paradise for wine lovers, garden enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys family walks. Take your time and let your senses guide you.
The Station invites you to explore the legendary wine transport route. Restaurant and shop.



  • Price: 17 €

School groups

  • Min.: 8 €
  • Max.: 10 €

Musée de la Bresse-Domaine des Planons - 01380 Saint-Cyr-sur-Menthon

Musée de la Bresse-Domaine des Planons

At the heart of the countryside, 20 minutes from Macon, the museum presents the life Bresse 15th century to today.
Architecture, rituals and customs, traditional clothing and caps resembling fireplace Saracen, enamels, local food and agriculture ... the museum's collections will be honoring the territory of the good life.
The museum includes the discovery of classified historic monument and its dependencies farm. This farm is a unique testimony of the Bresse architecture characterized by its "Saracen" fireplace and timber frame construction. The reconstruction of the interior of the farmer with wooden furniture and everyday objects immerses you in the life of a peasant family of the 18th century.
The vast natural area, giant games, Bressan coffee and poultry AOC, provide an opportunity for a country walk or a family day out.
Boutique with local products free access.



  • Min.: 3 €
  • Max.: 5 €

School groups

  • Min.: 1.5 €
  • Max.: 3.25 €

Musée de la Vigne et du Vin - 71960 La Roche Vineuse

Musée de la Vigne et du Vin

In a building from the XVI century, discover our old tools from our former trades. Our winery are open for more explication on our vinification technique. After that, we propose you a tasting in our cellar of XVII century.

Musée départemental du compagnonnage - 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Musée départemental du compagnonnage

The museum explains the concept of special guilds for the building and construction trades, by showcasing the collection of Pierre-François Guillon ( 1848-1923 ), a Master carpenter of the guild known as “ The Duty of Freedom ”.
Pierre-François Guillon founded a school for construction design arts in 1871 in Romanèche-Thorins. There he taught carpentry, joinery, and stonework to apprentices from all over France and from abroad, for 52 years. After Guillon’s death in 1923, his son Osiris donated his father’s masterworks, all the documents and souvenirs of his life as a Master, and all the School’s students’ documents and models to the department of Saône-et-Loire.

Touroparc zoo - 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Touroparc zoo

The zoo is open all year long. In this exotic and remarkable laid-oud 10 ha park, you will have a close up encounter with elephants, giraffes, seals, zebras, antilops, exotic birds and the prestigious couple of royal white tigers. Various attractions.
Water slides in July and August.

Museums in Mâcon

Apothicairerie de l'Hôtel-Dieu - 71000 Mâcon

Apothicairerie de l

The apothecary shop
At the ground floor of the Hotel-Dieu hospital, build on Soufflot’s plans after 1761, the apothecary shop, or “sale-room”, has preserved its panelling of the XVIIIth century and the richness of its collection of chemistry pots: “albarelli”, “chevrettes” and others pills boxes issued from a local ceramics production.

Mémorial Citoyen de 1870 à nos jours - 71000 Mâcon

Mémorial Citoyen de 1870 à nos jours

As a Place of Remembrance this museum has assembled testimonials of military conflicts from 1870 to the present day. The 1870 War, the French Memorial Association, the Great War of 1914-1918, the 1939-1945 War, Indochina, North Africa, overseas missions... Here you will find educational presentations and equally, a place for conservation which from September 2005 welcomes the literacy tests and information about National Service.



  • Price: 2 €

Musée des Ursulines - 71000 Mâcon

Musée des Ursulines

Ursulines’ Museum
This old convent was built ca. 1675 for the education of young girls, the Ursulines, issued from the middle-class. After the French Revolution, it was successively used as a prison in 1793 (where Lamartine’s father was incarcerated), a military barrack (1796-1929) and as a “House of the People” before it became the Ursulines’ museum in 1968. The department of archaeology presents the excavations lead in our city from Prehistory to Gallo-roman and medieval periods. The first floor offers an overview of the life of Mâcon, the work in the vineyard, the activities linked to the river Saône and a special space devoted to Lamartine. Finally, the second floor’s rooms present a collection of the artistic creation of the late five centuries.


Groups (Expo 2)

  • Min.: 2 €
  • Max.: 4 €

Site archéologique de Saint-Clément - 71000 Mâcon

Site archéologique de Saint-Clément

The archaeological site of Saint-Clément
Recent excavations offer the visitors to follow the transformations of that church located in the old township of Saint-Clément, in the surroundings of Mâcon. Built as a funeral basilica in the VIth century, it gradually became a liturgical centre until the XIXth century.

Vieux Saint-Vincent - 71000 Mâcon

Vieux Saint-Vincent

Near the old oppidum of Mâcon, the two towers and the narthex constitute the only remnants of the former cathedral whose tympanum is an exceptional masterpiece of the Roman period. Inside the building, a model, plans and architectural elements permit to reconstitute the evolution of the building from the XIth to the XVth century.